Coffee Arabica and Robusta coffee are the two most common and also the most overwhelming proportion of all types of coffee in the world.

So with Robusta , Arabica is grown in requiring the higher ground , the climate is cooler (about 3.000 to 6.000 feet above sea level ) .
Arabica coffee taste better but also the kind of " difficult " than Robusta . Time for Arabica coffee cherries ripe longer, lower and yields , however for the Arabica beans taste better , thus its cost is twice as high compared to Robusta .
Meanwhile , Robusta seem " pleasant " than , this coffees preferred warmer conditions and drier climate , ideal height about 2,000 feet above sea level . As the name suggests , Robusta has a strong development effort and stamina is really admirable in adverse conditions where Arabica will wither .
The mixing between Arabica and Robusta are underway to create balance and rich cup of coffee . As of Arabica sour when combined with the Robusta physical bold will create a perfect cup of coffee .