Life is hectic at times would not put us into nostalgia - nostalgia of memories, or sometimes simply vague emotional moment. Then every figure, flavor we have ever experienced ... suddenly come alive like never before
If one day you suddenly remember turning passionately intolerable taste of coffee , look to Highlands Coffee to enjoy the life style and enjoy exquisite Vietnamese bold flavor .

Flavor in every cup brown Vietnam

Coming to Highlands Coffee is the brand style , always put trust in bringing our customers the most exquisite experience of coffee . Here , all stages are Highlands Coffee strict implementation and compliance with standards , right from the first selected the most delicious coffee beans . Next, dry roasting process is also a team of experienced professionals to strictly control the roasting time and temperature to give birth to many wonderful roasted coffee beans , the base gives the finished product Highlands Coffee perfect mix between Arabica and Robusta seeds . Therefore it can be said in each package Highlands Coffee cup full of traditional flavors Vietnamese coffee , and enjoy the cultural values ​​most demanding coffee from which life is built .

Add subtle everyday life

Highlands Coffee has always focused on creating an atmosphere to enjoy coffee comfortable and exciting for customers to enjoy. You can choose to sit in a quiet place so enamored with work , or immerse ourselves in nature and life around shady corner table outside . Whatever your choice how you'll sip a nice cup of coffee , enjoying the cool air , soothing and relaxing as an unparalleled pleasure . Sure, how worries , stress will be left behind , just your cup of coffee with Highlands Coffee as a subtle notes quietly busy life should always be .
Conquering coffee devotees Vietnam has more than 10 years , Highlands Coffee is confident with the motto combines sophisticated life style , sophistication and charm in every traditional values ​​of Vietnam . With 62 bar system in the country with 20 shops overseas , Highlands Coffee relentless efforts to give customers a sense of a dynamic part of modern life in parallel with the unique traditional culture , long characterized Vietnam .